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Details on 08-20-2016 (Next upcoming event)
Desert Rats: Kilo Wars (Night OP)
When: 08-20-2016 (17:00-23:45)
Where: Code Red Airsoft Park
Price: $25+
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Be part of up to 3 groups:

DEA FAST: Tactical squads responsible for targetted raids and apprehensions (MultiCam Only!)
Vicio: Columbian cocaine cartel (Green/Woodland or OD)
AIPL: "Haji" marijuana/heroine cartel (Man Dress, Bedsheets, Civi -


This is a heavy role-playing game and is not a "military combat" type scenario. You will have objectives, but they wont be all kill and defeat. This is a thinking and strategy type game event with some missions being to avoid fights while still being in the open.

Maximum LOADED Rounds: Cartels ~300, DEA ~600 (Unlimited in loaders/containers)
This will be a SEMI-AUTO ONLY event. Close quarters in the dark.
No SAW. Recommend pistols and shotguns...
Thunderbee type grenades, will work as Flashbangs (non lethal). NO FOAM/RUBBER, ALL ACTION ONLY!

$25 Pre-reg (until August 14th)
$30 Standard
$40 AT THE DOOR WITH NO GUARANTEED PLACEMENT!!! Likely a cartel member....


GEAR/LBV:  We Request that only DEA use LBV, but encourage hydration for all!  Try to match or be neutral as possible!

HELMETS/Head Cover: Must be matching, or neutral (black). Helmets only in interest of "safety"



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