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ATTN: Code Red Family, We are Open


we will do our due diligence to keep our staff safe as well as our players. 

We ask that you, our players, follow our changes to help us maintain being open and follow the Covid-19 health guidelines.  Please keep in mind and be patient as some of these changes we CAN NOT be lenient on.  

If you have any symptoms of any illness or general over all feeling of being sick – PLEASE stay home.

If you have been around anyone that has been feeling sick – PLEASE stay home.

If you are concerned of contracting anything - PLEASE stay home.

Some of the changes that we will be implementing are as follows:


We will need to keep practicing social distancing so the staging area has been modified and will be limited to the number of players allowed.  We ask that you DO NOT move or rearrange anything inside the staging area.  Preferably, it would be best if you stage from your vehicle.  Your vehicles will need to be spaced apart as to also allow for social distancing.   

 Everyone that is off the field or entering the park is REQUIRED to have their face covering on at ALL times. This includes the parking lot area as well. 


We have waivers available for print out on our website and suggest player’s presenting pre-filled out waivers to help us speed thru registration. 


We’ve seen how quickly changes can take place with Covid-19, so please keep in mind that our situations and rules might also have to change to comply.  As we try to navigate thru all these modifications, we appreciate everyone’s understanding and patience.     





Attn: All customers Due to the high winds we do get time to time in the summer ALL EZUPs  must be tied down  we do have a large covered staging area with open seating ..but we do have area you can have ezup but must be secured or you are responsable for any and all damage ..saftey is #1 thanks for our understanding

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